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Causes and solutions for odors in air conditioners


4. Some air supply end non-high eff约克螺杆压缩机键盘 024 30993 000.jpgciency filter systems, such as computer rooms, hotel rooms, etc., although the interior decoration is good, fresh air, air conditioning and air supply are filtered, but some indoor air supply openings and window sill surface can still find dust. A layer of dust adheres to the surface of the internal components. It is believed that a large amount of dust brought by these fresh winds and accumulated in these places not only carries microorganisms, but also provides indispensable nutrient conditions for microbial reproduction, resulting in odors in air conditioners.

5. If you often smoke in the air-conditioned room, spray perfume, make-up, etc., then the air conditioner in the room will pass through the circulation of the air conditioner evaporator (indoor unit) for a long time, adsorbed on the evaporator or filtered on the net, and the air conditioner has been used for a long time. There is a strange smell when I first boot, so the air-conditioned room should be kept clean.

Air conditioning odor treatment:

1. Whether it is used frequently or occasionally, the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. You can buy a special air conditioner cleaner. Open the inner casing and remove the filter to see the evaporator of the metal fin. The inside is evenly sprayed. Wait for fifteen minutes to start the air conditioner. The dirty things will flow away with the condensate and easily remove the odor.

2. In the process of cleaning the air conditioner, it is not enough to clean the filter only, because the filter only filters a part of the dust, there will still be a lot of dust, mites, pollen and mold accumulated on the heat sink through the filter! The germ. The heat sink cleaning and disinfection is the key. We can do one step at a time to clean the air conditioner. Clean the filter and clean and disinfect the air conditioner heat sink. This can effectively prevent the bacteria growth of the heat sink from polluting the indoor air. Remove odors.

3. The air conditioner should be disinfected once a month. Every year before the first season of air conditioning, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. However, in the frequent use of air conditioners, such as summer, people may stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Air quality directly affects our health, so we need to clean the air conditioner regularly.

In the air conditioning to provide convenience and comfortable environment for our life, we also need to maintain air conditioning and extend its service life. After the air conditioner has been properly cleaned, we don't have to worry about smelling anymore. Let us enjoy a cool and comfortable life. Summer.

Air conditioning cleaning method:

Cleaning tools: air conditioner cleaning machine, tool box, steam spray cleaning machine, watering can, scraper, fin comb, lighting, blade, rag, sewage bag, seat belt

Cleaning agent: special cleaning agent for air conditioner, universal foam cleaner, shell cleaner, pure water

1. Check if the air conditioner is running normally before cleaning, then turn off the power.

2. Remove the air conditioner's outer casing and panel according to the instructions and take out the filter.

3. Use a 5L watering can to wet the desired cleaning position for more foaming.

4. Spray the air conditioner cleaning agent on the cleaned fan with a watering can, let it react for 5-8 minutes to thoroughly penetrate, decompose and eliminate the gap in the fin and the table.

5. Scrape the foam on the surface of the fin with a scraper. The unstained stubborn and deformed fins can be cleaned with a fin comb.

6. The steamed cleaning machine is used for high temperature sterilization, disinfection and oil stain decomposition of the cleaned fins.

7. Clean the cleaned fins with clean water using an air conditioner.

8. Clean the filter and replace it with the panel.

9. Install the cabinet and panel to replace the air conditioner to the original installation position, and start the operation for 20 minutes to check the acceptance.

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