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Is your home suitable for installing central air conditioners? Read these four points first!


FUS00386.jpg   In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, people pursue quality life. Household central air conditioners have begun to enter thousands of households. It is integrated with the home decoration environment, which is more beautiful, with better comfort, energy saving and stability. A lot of consumers are favored. So, is your home suitable for installation? Today, the author will interpret you from four aspects! More and more families tend to choose central air conditioning

As the name suggests, home central air conditioners are used for home installations. Generally, there is only one outdoor unit that supplies multiple internal units in each room. Different from ordinary split air conditioners, central air conditioners are a complete set of air conditioning system solutions. By connecting one indoor unit to multiple indoor units, the system can be installed in the living room, dining room, and various bedrooms. Thereby solving the need for large-area regional cooling and heating regulation.

The central air-conditioning unit has one more outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units.

●House type and area

Some old-fashioned communities have lower floor heights, and I do not recommend installing home central air conditioners. Each indoor unit of the central air conditioner and all the pipelines need to be hidden and embedded, occupying some upper space as a ceiling for embedding (about 20~30cm). If the indoor height is very short, and the indoor unit occupies a part of the space, it is bound to be It feels very depressed in the house. Although the embedded installation is more beautiful, it loses the overall living comfort, and some are not worth the loss. In contrast, installing split-type air conditioners is a better choice.

Installation of central air conditioning will occupy part of the ceiling space

For small-sized families, such as residential area <60m2, the author's suggestion is: no need to install central air conditioning! First, in terms of comfort, a three-seat cabinet in the living room (or one hang-up in the bedroom) can solve the cold and warm demand of the whole house. There is no need to install a home center. air conditioning.

Small-area units do not require central air conditioning

Second, from an economic point of view, a cabinet machine + a hang-up machine, the total price of two split-type air conditioners is also much lower than a set of home central air conditioners, to achieve the same comfort, the installation of central air-conditioning Not cost-effective. In summary, for small units, the author's suggestion is: installation of split-type air conditioners can be met, there is no need to install home central air conditioning.

●House decoration

The central air conditioner is installed in the home, which means that the installation process needs to be carried out synchronously with the decoration, including design, planning, mapping, construction, drilling, drilling, laying pipelines, etc., if your house has just been renovated. , or there is no plan to renovate in the near future, I do not recommend installing a home central air conditioner!

Installing central air conditioning is a huge indoor project

In fact, the installation of home central air-conditioning is an indoor large-scale project. Presumably, you don’t want to see the newly-renovated house being turned into a “honeycomb coal” in the blink of an eye. It is not suitable from the perspective of installation or feasibility. However, if your home is going to renovate and renovate your home in the future, you can consider installing central air conditioning with the decoration at that time.

After reading the above, do you think that you have been poured a cold water by the head: How is it so difficult to install a central air conditioner? Actually, this is because: the installation of central air-conditioning is not as simple as the split-type air conditioner. The air-conditioning industry is striving for “three-point purchase and seven-point installation”. This is especially true for home central air conditioners. The installation process includes the previous period. Planning, housing mapping, medium-term construction, laying pipelines, and later maintenance, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a vast renovation project.

●Daily use comfort and aesthetics

In addition to the above-mentioned layer height is too low, the area is too small and the newly renovated apartment is not suitable for installing central air-conditioning. In other cases, I recommend that you install central air-conditioning, the comfort is completely unmatched by ordinary split-type air conditioners. Embedded installation, the indoor unit is completely hidden, and integrated with the home environment, more beautiful.

Central air-conditioning and home environment are more beautiful

Households with sensitive people in the family, such as the elderly or children, have weaker resistance and are more sensitive to temperature. The traditional air conditioning temperature control performance is general, the temperature difference fluctuates greatly, and the actual experience is not comfortable, and the cold and heat affects the health of the body. Temperature control is the strength of home central air conditioning, temperature control is uniform, temperature fluctuations are very small, the temperature of each room in the home is uniform, and the body feels extremely comfortable.

Central air conditioning temperature balance is more comfortable

In addition, the fresh air system installed in conjunction with the central air conditioner is also highlighted by the author. As we all know, opening the air conditioner needs to close the doors and windows, but after a long time, the indoor oxygen content will be reduced, which will cause discomfort. The key is that in the summer and winter seasons, ventilation and ventilation of the windows will inevitably cause large fluctuations in the indoor temperature.

Fresh air system introduces fresh air into the room without causing temperature fluctuations

The fresh air system solves the above problems and introduces outdoor oxygen-enriched fresh air for the enclosed indoor space, so as to achieve the purpose of ventilation and ventilation without opening the window. More critically, the fresh air system does not have much impact on the temperature in the house under the premise of introducing outdoor air into the room, that is, full heat exchange. The heat exchanger inside the new fan can efficiently recover heat and exchange heat and transfer with little power consumption. In addition, the new fan is equipped with a filter unit, which can also purify the air and protect the breathing.

The comfort of central air conditioning is far from comparable to split air conditioners.

Compared with the single-area and local single-solution solution of the split-type air conditioner, the home central air-conditioning can realize the annual air-conditioning effect of the whole indoor environment in summer cooling, winter heating and spring and autumn ventilation. Its operation management method is also very flexible and convenient. It can automatically control the opening and closing time and the amount of cold (heat) of internal and external machines. It can also be automatically adjusted according to climate and temperature changes to ensure temperature balance at all locations and temperature uniformity throughout the house. And comfort is better.

● Long-term use of energy saving, stability

Daily use of air conditioning, in addition to comfort, everyone is concerned about energy efficiency. After all, the high electricity bills for a month are not what everyone wants to see. Household central air conditioners generally use scroll compressors, and common split type air conditioners use rotor compressors. Scroll compressors have greater advantages in performance, power consumption, and stability than rotor types.

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