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York air conditioning spare parts
       York air conditioning S oil, K oil, L oil, C oil, H oil, F oil, computer main board, LCD board, I/O board, current board, power board, FLASH memory card, battery chip, EPROM, oil pump frequency conversion board, shaft seal and various host accessories...... (unit models include YS, YK, YT, YR, YCWS, AWHC, etc.)
Carrier air conditioning spare parts
       Carrier air conditioner frozen oil PP23BZ104005, PP23BZ101005, PP23BZ103005, oil filter, filter, water chamber gasket, temperature sensor and various host accessories... (unit model including 30 HXC, 19 xl, 23 xl, 19 dk, 30 hr, 30 hk, 6 e)
Trane air conditioning spare parts
Trane air conditioning refrigeration OIL15,OIL31,OIL22,OIL48, oil filters, filters and various host components... (unit models include cvhe. RTHD,RTHB,RTAA, RTXA,RTWC, etc
MCQUAY air conditioning spare parts
Pressure sensors, electronic control board, temperature sensors, hand operator, control board, electronic cold expansion, condensate pumps, (model: MAC80 / cr 100, main: MCH03A, wire control: SC302A long-term supply's frozen oil and oil filter, main models: WHS, WMD, PFS, water-cooled screw machine, MHS, chillers, MHP WSC, PFH, PEH centrifugal units, WGR, WGZ piston units, such as original factory original package quality.
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