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VAL08781 main oil solenoid valve VAL04815

Brand: Trane
Name: main oil solenoid valve
Number: VAL08781
Product Detail

GKT01933 Motor Junction Box Gasket

GKT03436 Oil pressure regulating box gasket

GKT03566 Gasket for oil pump junction box

GKT03688 volute gasket for refrigerant pump

GLS00195 fuel tank sight glass

KIT02298 Motor terminal clamp When connected by clamp

LEV00095 Three-stage guide vane bellows

LEV00097 Three-stage guide vane bellows

MOD01401 oil pump motor control module 1A7

MOD01401 exhaust condensation unit control 3A2

MOD01402 motor three-phase coil temperature module 1A26

MOD01402 motor coil temperature 3A7


MOD01490 display module 1A22

MOD01683 COMM5 communication module 1A14

MOT04085 Condensing unit motor

XX OIL00022 frozen oil is actually 9gallon

OLD00441 overheat protector

PIN00852 guide pin

PLT03305 Oil pump end plate Note the bulletin related to component improvement

PMP00572 exhaust pump exhaust motor centrifuge CH530

PMP01333 Oil Pump Impeller

PWR00116 Power Module 2A3

R123 unit refrigerant (blue sky) prevailing price

R404a Exhaust System Refrigerant PRGD Exhaust System, prevailing price

RLY02433 Oil pump hammer starter 3CR-204-189B

RNG00818 oil pump terminal O-ring

RNG01029 One-stage guide vane actuator O-ring


RNG01055 Condenser water chamber end cover seal

RNG01067 O-ring of motor front cover can be replaced by Loctite 515

RNG01822 Motor terminal O-rings 2 for each terminal

ROR00326 oil pump motor rotor

SCR01624 fuel tank spring pin

SEL00376 plane sealant Loctite 515

SEN01068 carbon tank temperature sensor 3R2

STA00064 oil pump motor stator

STU00133 Motor Terminal

XXXSWT03204 Water flow switch 5S1, 5S2 "

TDR00322 Pressure sensor 4R22, 4R3, 4R4 / for four-core communication cable "

TDR00322 Oil pressure sensor



TRR01703 CH530 Exhaust Transformer

TRR01701 control power transformer 1T1

VAL07378 exhaust solenoid valve 3L1, 3L2, 3L3 "

VAL07491 exhaust expansion valve

CNT02489 Low Voltage Switch 3B1S2

CNT02490 High Voltage Switch 3B1S1

GKT04434 GKT01925

COL03781 solenoid valve coil 4L1


FUS00903 Fuses 1F1, 1F2, 1F3 "

FUS00925 fuses (5 per box)

FUS01386 fuse (10 pieces per box) 1F4


KIT05231 Motor Terminal Block

KIT06841 Motor Terminal Seal

KIT09628 air pump assembly

MOD00883 Stepper Module 1U3

MOD00884 Base Module 1U1

MOD00983 control module 4U1

MOD01231 Display Module 1U4


OIL00048 frozen oil

RLY01103 Relay 1K11

RNG01043 Filter O-ring Internal

RNG01267 Filter O-ring External

RNG01429 condenser water chamber O-ring

RNG01542 O-ring of evaporator water chamber

XXXXSEN00387 Evaporating refrigerant temperature sensor 4RT5

X13651507 suction temperature sensor

XXXXSEN00405 exhaust temperature sensor 4RT7

XXXSEN00406 Condensate refrigerant temperature sensor 4RT6

XXXSEN00703 oil level light sensor 4S3

SEN01315 level sensor 4LL1

SWT02121 Differential oil pressure switch Replaced by CNT05044, 4S4

XXXSWT02221 Differential pressure switch 4S5

SWT03204 water flow switch (150Psi) is replaced by SWT00135,

TER00609 motor terminal

VAL05930 loading / unloading solenoid valve

OR00330 shaft

VAL05955 3 / 2-way valve

VAL05956 safety valve

VAL06559 Evaporator bottom maintenance valve

VAL06559 condenser bottom maintenance valve

Compressor parts
Spear part for Carrier Chiller

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