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Electronic Expansion Valve 32GB404454

Brand: Carrier
Name: Electronic Expansion Valve
Number: 32GB404454
Product Detail

Electronic Expansion Valve 32GB404454

OJ12MF002E time relay

WA12LN001E Low Voltage Protective Switch 1.5BAR

WA12LN006E Low Voltage Protective Switch 3BAR

WA12PJ002E high voltage protection switch

WG12RA005E low temperature cut-off relay

WM12FA017EE electric heater

XA12AB044E Thermal expansion valve

XA12AB045E Thermal expansion valve 2B

XA12AB045E Thermal expansion valve 4B

XA12AB075E Thermal expansion valve

XA12AB100E Thermal Expansion Valve

XL12AE001E Liquid outlet valve

XL12AE008E Liquid outlet valve

XXX02XR9501 oil filter for centrifuge

KC15AH105 cleaning brush

XXXKH29EZ050 Dry filter element for piston machine

XXXKH29EZ070 Dry filter element For piston machine

KH39MB001 oil filter

KH39MB003 oil filter

KH41MG278 Drying filter (motor cooling)

XXXKH42ME060 oil filter for centrifuge

XXXKH45LE120 filter for centrifuge

KK71EW252 O-ring

P5028415S motor cooling filter

XXXPP23BZ103005 Refrigerated oil for centrifuge

XXXPP23BZ104 compressor refrigeration oil 19L

PP23BZ104005 refrigeration oil for screw machine

EUWHAN3 burner fan motor


XXXXHH79NZ047 concentrated solution out of low mating tube

XXXHH79NZ047 Condensate out of low hair piping

XXXXHH79NZ047 Condensate outlet condenser pipe

Compressor parts
Spear part for Carrier Chiller

  STYLE "F" and LaterModels (See Tables Below)Compressor Model Compressor Code VGD Compressor PartNumbersHF 416 Q3NO 36...


York Air Conditioning Price List 2017


Carrier 19DK (DM) series fault code and fault handling me...


P463-B57    V-BELT                            1     $9.05 P463-B58    V-BELT                            1     $9.14 P463...

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